Student Game Showcase

INT invites you all to visit the first edition of the Student Game Showcase, during the Tech Week 2019, from November 13th to November 19th. Are you a Video Games Programmer? Then come present your creation to the student body, and possibly industry guests! There will be some spots with big screens outside the main hall […]


10:00 - 18:00

Tec Talks

Innovators in Technology (INT) invites you all to be part of the first edition of Tech Talks! The talks will be given during Tech Week, which will take place in Salle Jean Paul Morin  from November 13th to November 19th. Have you lived an experience that can inspire our colleagues? Do you have an intriguing […]


10:00am - 13:00pm

TDD workshop

Hello everyone! INT is hosting a workshop about TDD and it is for free!!! Do you know what TDD is? TDD stands for Test Driven Development, and it is a high trend in the programming industry now.Follow a quick overview:  Do you want to know how knowledge about TDD can add value to your programming […]




We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.ATTENTION – the competition starts at 10h sharp. So, in order to find a place to sit, configure your equipment and be ready to code, arrive at the mezzanine at 09:30h!Do not forget that since it is Saturday, the main entrance of the College will be closed, so […]


10:00 - 15:00

Bring INT On!

Invitation What is “Bring INT on!”? Bring INT on is INT’s first programming contest event! How to participate? Click Here to Register Why participate? To learn how to problem solve, build algorithms, apply important programming structures and gain experience, also compete for the top prizes. Interested? Register for places are limited! *This event is reserved […]


Git Workshop

Due to the massive number of inscriptions, the subscription to our Git Workshop on March 2 is presently closed. Thank you for the huge support!For those that could not subscribe we will record the workshop and share later! Keep in touch for more details!



GitHub Workshop

Hello there everyone! March 2nd, 10am, Henri Carbon will be giving a GitHub workshop at LaSalle College. Knowing Git is a must to everyone who desires to pursue a career in IT. To everyone who is interested joining, please fill in the form in this link. Please remember that the deadline to subscribe is the 28th of […]


INT – General Meeting – New Members 2019

We would like to thank everyone who attended to our 2019’s General Meeting! For those who already emailed us about joining INT, please check your email as we have already answered you! Our meetings for integration are happening already and we are waiting for you! Welcome to INT! #WeAreINT



INT – General Meeting – New Members 2019

Are you enrolled in an IT related program at LaSalle college?Are you looking for an environment where you can learn, grow and get support?Do you want to lead, create or join real-life technology solution projects? The Innovators in Technology Student Association of LaSalle College (INT) INVITES YOU to participate in our General meeting! When: Feb. […]


India Celebration

WINT promoted an India Celebration day, with Henna designs and lots of Indian food. 

Our Projects


This Humans of IT is an initiative by INT member to demonstrate the human side and share experiences of professionals from the Montreal IT community.


This Podcast is an initiative by INT member to discuss technologies and/or any subject matter that is of interest to the community. Participants of the podcast will be rotated among INT members.


An application designed to bring the experience of jewelry window shopping to the mobile platform.

Innovators in Technology


"To provide real world solutions to clients, inside and out of the College, as well as increased knowledge and valuable experience to keen students looking to make a difference in the field of Information Technology; programming, networking and gaming."

Women of INT



To encourage female students in IT to build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills.


  • Provide connections with professional women in IT
  • Provide workshops to improve technical skills
  • Motivate and give support to its members
  • To encourage female students in IT to build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills.

About Us

Mat Motaharan
Executive Member

My name is Mat Motaharan, an INT Executive Member. Have a degree in Health and fitness, currently studying in Computer science, is in last semester.

Wallacce Correa
Executive Member

DEC as Data Analysis Specialist, with more than twenty years of experience in the field of computer graphics and video production. My experience as a technician, teacher, and administrator has allowed me to be efficient, cooperative, committed and ethical.

Leandro Fortunato

Talented and passionate about technology. I’m meticulous, committed and a strong team player. I believe that science and technology are the key to make a better and clever world.

Daniel Carvalho
Executive Member

Entrepreneur in Brazil and passionate about technology, Daniel brings his dedication and experience to help INT achieve its goals.

Reihaneh Sadeghi
Executive Member

With a great passion for new projects. I am a computer-software Engineering Bachelor degree holder from Iran.

João Alberto Barcellos Ryff
Executive Member

With strong experience in innovation and event coordination, João lends his experience to INT in conducting training events for College Students, his interest in code makes his contribution to INT valuable.

Maurício Antão Fernandes Dias
Executive Member

An IT enthusiast that has a curiosity set to learn how “everything works”. This helps him constantly think outside of the box and learn a variety of different subjects bringing new and creative ideas to approach problems with his INT partners.

Sarah Tavares Taufner

Motivated to be a part of what the future holds for the Game Industry, Sarah is determined and open to bring the best of herself for INT.

Angeline Siv
Executive Member

Passionate about anything video games-related, Angeline was part of the very first batch of students enrolled in Video Games Programming at LaSalle College, seeking to give them more representation within the campus.

Hui Zhang
Executive Member

A fast learner who has strong adaptability, eager to learn, dedicated, has a lot of faith in the future, and dares to take a big step forward to challenge.

Sutton Zhang
Executive Member

I am Sutton Zhang, a Chinese female. I worked as a brand marketing specialist for a few years before I came to Canada.

Alex Vilvert

“Intense experience in coordinating activities in the project sector. Experienced in leading work teams based on goals. ”

Juliano Biscaino

“With excellent information technology analysis, writing and reasoning skills”

Diogo Teixeira

“Proven track record in managing complex projects with a large number of participants”

Walter Henrique

“Walter highlights the improvement in the communication process between the objective set and the results obtained.”

Jooyeon mok

“Recognized throughout his career for his professionalism, quick learning and the results obtained”

Lyes Ha

“Building events and leading the way Lyes exceeds the organization’s expectations”.

Ahmed Felfel

“High capacity to meet deadlines, practice in resolving conflicts ”


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