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5 Programming “Must-Haves”

2 March 2018 / 0 Comments
  1. Always remember to have your own USB drive on you. Whether you are using your own laptop or a public computer, you do not want to be in a situation where your data is suddenly lost. This is not a folk tale, it has happened to the best of us!
  2. Create Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud service accounts. Having a cloud account will help you access files from anywhere at any time. However, remember to keep your files secure and don’t let others use your account for you. Here are links to a few popular cloud services:
  3. Create a GitHub account. This is particularly important once you start creating relatively larger scale projects, either in-class or on your own. GitHub is an online version control repository which will ultimately be the backbone of your growing CV. We at INT cover GitHub in further detail and provide links to helpful tutorials as well. For now, here is the link to their main site:
  4. Create a Stack Overflow account. If you have ever had a programming question in your mind, there is a good chance it has not only been asked but answered as well on Stack Overflow. Not only can you ask questions, but you can further help grow the community by answering others’ questions as well. This will raise your own points and users will see how reliable and helpful you are. After all, what goes around comes around! Here’s the link, go create an account now:
  5. Tim Horton’s or even Starbucks if you’re “feeling lucky”, as Google would say.