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What is INT?

Innovators In Technology (INT) is the official Computer Science student association at LaSalle College, where students from the programming, networking and video games departments are able to take part in IT events, workshops and projects from around Montreal’s IT community.

            INT has close ties with other companies that help promote the world of information technology. Through these connections, members of INT are able to take advantage of early access to events and workshops being held around the city. Furthermore, INT holds its own annual events, as well as host regular workshops taught by professionals in the field.

            A large denomination of INT consists of bright and inspirational women making their own impact in the traditionally male-dominated field of IT. The Women of INT (WINT) help promote this field of study to the next generation of women looking to make a mark in the world of programming through tutorship, mentorship and by example!

            INT consists of a President, a WINT Lead and a collection of Point of Contacts (POCs) that make up the Executive Council. Please feel free to browse the individual profiles of each of the executive members below, get to know them on a personal level, and feel comfortable in saying “hi” sometime! INT also has a selection of hard working first and second year student members who provide their expertise in the different branches of INT, as needed! Feel free to Contact Us for information on how to become a member, yourself!

Our Mission

"To provide real world solutions to clients, inside and out of the College, as well as increased knowledge and valuable experience to keen students looking to make a difference in the field of Information Technology; programming, networking and gaming."

WINT - Women of INT


"To encourage female students in IT to build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills."


  • Provide connections with professional women in IT
  • Provide workshops to improve technical skills
  • Motivate and give support to its members
  • To encourage female students in IT to build confidence and knowledge about technology, expand leadership and tech skills.
  • Team

    Mat Motaharan
    Executive Member

    My name is Mat Motaharan, an INT Executive Member. Have a degree in Health and fitness, currently studying in Computer science, is in last semester.

    Wallacce Correa
    Executive Member

    DEC as Data Analysis Specialist, with more than twenty years of experience in the field of computer graphics and video production. My experience as a technician, teacher, and administrator has allowed me to be efficient, cooperative, committed and ethical.

    Leandro Fortunato

    Talented and passionate about technology. I’m meticulous, committed and a strong team player. I believe that science and technology are the key to make a better and clever world.

    Daniel Carvalho
    Executive Member

    Entrepreneur in Brazil and passionate about technology, Daniel brings his dedication and experience to help INT achieve its goals.

    Reihaneh Sadeghi
    Executive Member

    With a great passion for new projects. I am a computer-software Engineering Bachelor degree holder from Iran.

    João Alberto Barcellos Ryff
    Executive Member

    With strong experience in innovation and event coordination, João lends his experience to INT in conducting training events for College Students, his interest in code makes his contribution to INT valuable.

    Maurício Antão Fernandes Dias
    Executive Member

    An IT enthusiast that has a curiosity set to learn how “everything works”. This helps him constantly think outside of the box and learn a variety of different subjects bringing new and creative ideas to approach problems with his INT partners.

    Sarah Tavares Taufner

    Motivated to be a part of what the future holds for the Game Industry, Sarah is determined and open to bring the best of herself for INT.

    Angeline Siv
    Executive Member

    Passionate about anything video games-related, Angeline was part of the very first batch of students enrolled in Video Games Programming at LaSalle College, seeking to give them more representation within the campus.

    Hui Zhang
    Executive Member

    A fast learner who has strong adaptability, eager to learn, dedicated, has a lot of faith in the future, and dares to take a big step forward to challenge.

    Sutton Zhang
    Executive Member

    I am Sutton Zhang, a Chinese female. I worked as a brand marketing specialist for a few years before I came to Canada.

    Alex Vilvert

    “Intense experience in coordinating activities in the project sector. Experienced in leading work teams based on goals. ”

    Juliano Biscaino

    “With excellent information technology analysis, writing and reasoning skills”

    Diogo Teixeira

    “Proven track record in managing complex projects with a large number of participants”

    Walter Henrique

    “Walter highlights the improvement in the communication process between the objective set and the results obtained.”

    Jooyeon mok

    “Recognized throughout his career for his professionalism, quick learning and the results obtained”

    Lyes Ha

    “Building events and leading the way Lyes exceeds the organization’s expectations”.

    Ahmed Felfel

    “High capacity to meet deadlines, practice in resolving conflicts ”


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    The biggest benefit of becoming a member of INT is the early access you get to events and workshops, which sometimes can have limited seating. Access is not limited to LaSalle College hosted event, but also includes events hosted by Concordia University, as well as other third party associations.

    Furthermore, the work experience you gain from participating in INT’s varied projects is immensely beneficial for your future. Future potential employers are always attracted to students honing their skills, as well as learning new ones, through extra-curricular means. Having real world client relationships will give you the experience that will make you irresistible to employers!

    INT is a Computer Science students’ association. By definition, the association consists only of Computer Science students. Participation and/or help gained from students outside of the realm Computer Science is absolutely acceptable and even encouraged. However, active members of INT are those from the Computer Science field of study.

    Similar to the answer above, there are no limitations on the relationship and communication kept with students from different institutions. These connections will carry through after your post-secondary schooling and into the workforce. We must create and maintain these relationships for work connections as well as for events attendance and such. However ultimately, INT is a LaSalle College association, therefore the official members list will consist of LaSalle College students.

    Congratulations on being a graduate! It is great to know you are looking for a way to participate and help grow INT in our ventures! The best thing to do is to contact us through email, social media or even in person. Come meet the current members of INT and (re)introduce yourself! Having a professional help out is an invaluable asset and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for giving back to the College!

    INT is here to facilitate the needs of all internal and external clients. If there is a project that needs attention, an application that needs building, or a solution that needs review/update … INT will be happy to look into it. The final decision to accept a client’s request will be made after an initial client meeting, in which we will discuss the functional requirements of your application. A decision will be made after careful planning and estimation of time and resources. Please don’t feel shy to come to us with a need, as we are here to accommodate for as many clients as we can!

    Throughout your schooling at LaSalle College, you will be taking courses that are geared to preparing you for job opportunities. These courses will help you write the perfect CV and cover letter, teach you how to present yourself at a job interview, and connect you with an internship supervisor who will help you find interviews and/or job opportunities.

    What INT will do to help you find a job is give you the experiences you need to set you above the rest of the student body. By attending conferences and workshops, INT members will create connections with professionals in the field before non-members. INT will also help facilitate members with a community of like-minded students who help each other like a growing family, supporting one another as they gather skills to impress potential employers. Furthermore, members are able to add INT to their CVs, which undoubtedly garners the attention of employers and emboldens your CV above others! All these factors, and more, are how INT helps you find a job after graduation!

    Absolutely! What good is a students’ association, if it does not help fellow students grow and excel in the field of IT? In fact, you do not even have to be a member of INT, if all you require is tutoring help. At the bottom of our homepage, on the Contact footer, you will find a schedule listed on the right side. Follow the timings listed there to see when there are members sitting in the INT room (6th Floor; Techno Espace) available for you to visit and get help from! We are an open and generous group, however, please respect the rules and regulations of the College. We will not do your school projects for you. However, we will do everything we can to help tutor and teach you the skills you need to tackle similar issues in the future.

    “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”

    Lao Tzu

    The Innovators In Technology association provides members opportunities to participate in workshops, hackathons and conferences from around Montreal’s IT community. INT also works on creating real world relationships with clients, both within the College as well as externally. This provides members with work experience they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to until entering the workforce. These experiences give members a step ahead of the rest of the student body, as well as gather the attention of potential employers