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Angeline Siv

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Passionate about anything video games-related, Angeline was part of the very first batch of students enrolled in Video Games Programming at LaSalle College, seeking to give them more representation within the campus.


Education: Computer Science Technology – Video Games Programming

Spoken Languages: French, English

Favourite Programming Languages: C++, C# and Java

About me: 

Before studying Video Games Programming, my first programming “experience” was to play around with batch files as an attempt to lock directories on my blocky laptop. I also remember looking up how to make game mods, and having a difficult time understanding their process.

Today, I still don’t make those types of batch files or mods. However, I know that I was born and raised in the best city for the Video Games industry: Montréal, Canada. Now, I know that my curiosity has driven me where I am, and that I do desire to explore it more and more in the future.

Things that have changed include the fact that I represent Video Games programming as a class representative, and that I aspire to join the Video Games industry.

In my final year at LaSalle College, I decided to thrive for more experiences. So I approached everything with a determined “why not?”. Thus, after reading this email from Nariman, requesting some students to come by Orientation day in order to explain what Video Games Programming is about, I replied right away. That’s how I met INT and their members, attending their weekly meeting to help contribute to the organization of events and projects. 

Finally, things that haven’t changed are my love for video games, how much fun it is to have a computer, and how interesting programming is to me till this day. 

Contact Info: linkedin.com/angeline-siv