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Become an INT member!

8 February 2022 / 0 Comments

If you are interested in becoming an INT member, click here and fill out the form:

Read on to know a bit more about our association.

What is this INT association?
This association is made up of students from the three Computer Science programs (Programming, Networking, Video Games and mobile applications development) and it aims to give students valuable experience and preparation for the real-world workforce. That’s basically fancy-talk for “an association where students can excel, build their skills, and be a part of the Montreal IT community! Our association also has the inclusion of a women’s committee, in which members are welcomed to participate in events geared around the inclusion and promotion of women in the industry!

Who is invited to be a member?
So, the association is for all programs of the Computer Science department at LaSalle college, for both AEC and DEC students, English and French.

How much is it to join?
FREE! There are no fees for joining and yet you will get many resources at your disposal to help you further your career as a student and prepare you for your career in IT!

Why you?
Currently, INT (Innovators In Technology) is comprised of students from all CS programs. There are activities tailored for the needs of every program.

What do you get as a member?
As a member, you get access to workshops we put together, conferences around the Montreal IT community, and other events both within the College and outside!

What will your duties be as a member?
You can do as much or as little as you wish, as long as you do contribute as best as your student and personal life schedule allows! As the number of projects we work on increases, the need for Programmers, Networking students, and Video Game developers will increase. There are roles and duties set up for a range of other departments and positions as well, which may not require you to have any programming or networking prior knowledge at all! We are also building a website that will further solidify our presence online, along with our existing social media accounts. These will require constant care and updated articles in them, too.

How do you get more information?
So, please take a moment and consider joining the association. It will do wonders for your CV and your exposure to the eyes of recruiters and job hunters. Or at the very least, you will help make a real change in the lives of Computer Science students here at LaSalle. If you do find the interest to join, please contact one of the following people to find a time to come join for an intro-meeting! You can either come to talk to us in person or MIO us, whichever you would prefer. You can find the contacts here:

Head of INT: Ms. Nariman Mansour

President of INT: Urum Aso

Thank you very much for your time and attention regarding this! We hope to hear your response and to see your enthusiasm in joining the association!

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