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Daniel Carvalho

Executive Member

Entrepreneur in Brazil and passionate about technology, Daniel brings his dedication and experience to help INT achieve its goals.

Computer Science (AEC) – Programming



Spoken Languages:
Portuguese, English and French.

Favorite Hobbies:
Programming, reading, cooking, watching movies and playing with my kids.

Favorite Programming Languages:
Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#.NET, Delphi

About Me:
My name is Daniel Carvalho. I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I fell in love very early with technology. As a self-learner, I started programming with Turbo Pascal when I was thirteen years old. At fifteen years old, I was the system operator and owner of a Bulletin Board System named Blaster BBS. Two years later, when the Internet came to Brazil ending the BBS business, I opened my first company and started to develop commercial applications for small companies. I remember that my first big application was ordered by a teacher that I admired a lot in high-school. In 1998, I was invited to join, as a partner, for a startup named LBC Sistemas. The company had a solution to manage gas stations based on MS-DOS® and my mission was to rebuild the main application on MS-Windows platform and create a couple more solutions. During the following year, I had to handle the challenge of studying at university and working on a huge project at the same time. I chose to drop the studies and dedicate 100% of my time to LBC. It was the most difficult decision but, at the same time, the best one I made. From 2000 on, the company was ready to grow and after some years we got a prominent position on this vertical. Nowadays, LBC is a very healthy company, with more than one hundred employees and serving almost more than four thousand gas stations in Brazil.

Another big change in my life came in 2018, with the decision to come to Montréal with my wife and our two kids. The main reason for this move was the chance to offer our son and daughter a safe place to live. At the same time, for me it has been an opportunity to refresh myself with new technologies and make the dream of earning a degree, that has been postponed for more than twenty years, finally, come true.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci