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Daniel Carvalho

Executive Member

Entrepreneur in Brazil and passionate about technology, Daniel brings his dedication and experience to help INT achieve its goals.

Computer Science (AEC) – Programming



Spoken Languages:
Portuguese, English and French.

Favorite Hobbies:
Programming, reading, cooking, watching movies and playing with my kids.

Favorite Programming Languages:
Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#.NET, Delphi

About Me:
My name is Daniel Carvalho. I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I fell in love very early with technology. As a self-learner, I started programming with Turbo Pascal when I was thirteen. At fifteen years old, I was the system operator and owner of a Bulletin Board System named Blaster BBS. Two years later, when the Internet came to Brazil, ending the BBS business, I opened my first company and developed commercial applications for small companies. I remember that my first big application was ordered by a teacher I admired a lot in high school. In 1998, I was invited to join, as a partner, for a startup named LBC Sistemas. The company had a solution to manage gas stations based on MS-DOS®, and my mission was to rebuild the main application on the MS-Windows platform and create a couple more solutions. During the following year, I had to handle the challenge of studying at university and working on a huge project at the same time. From 2000 on, the company was ready to grow, and after some years, we got a prominent position in this vertical. Nowadays, LBC is a very healthy company, with more than one hundred employees and serving almost more than four thousand gas stations in Brazil.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci