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Hui Zhang

Executive Member

A fast learner who has strong adaptability, eager to learn, dedicated, has a lot of faith in the future, and dares to take a big step forward to challenge.


Programming (DEC)
International Trade (Bachelor)



Spoken Languages:

English, and Mandarin

Favorite Hobbies:

Travelling, stock market investments and work out 
Favorite Programming Languages:
Python, Django, HTML and PHP

About Me:

A young female with a few years of work experience working for international companies in different industries. I have no background in Computer Science and want to embrace the challenge of the brand-new career. Learning has been a long and arduous journey. It was a really tough time for me in the first year of learning programming languages, but I got through it and got better. From my perspective, I think once we find out what we are really interested in then we will put effort into achieving it, and we find fulfillment in working towards our goal.  

I always thought I was a lucky girl because I survived a horrible car accident, which made me realize how precious life is. From my life experiences, I can tell there is no easy way to succeed, and our life is too short to be upset with ourselves and others. I always remind myself to stay optimistic and push myself through any negativity. I find programming languages inspire in me a love for learning and drive me to work harder than ever, which helps me to regain my passion for challenging myself with new things in life.

“There is a supreme power and ruling force that pervades and rules the boundless universe. You are a part of this power.”

Prentice Mulford