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Contact Info
Jooyeon Mok

Jooyeon works for the programming projects, gathering female students together as a team. Her goal as WINT lead is making WINT as a great place where female students can share their experience in IT field, and face challenges together!


Computer Science (DEC) - Programming, Creative Writing (BA)


South Korea

Spoken Languages:

English and Korean

Favorite Hobbies:

Teasing my cats with string, Learning new things, Watching YouTube/Ted Talks, Cooking, Reading books

Favorite TV Shows:

The Lost Room, Lie to me, Fringe

Favorite Programming Languages:

C#, Dart, Java


About me:

Hello, I am Jooyeon, and I am one of the INT team members. I have completed my BA in Creative Writing in S. Korea. I think writing good fictions is exactly the same with writing good codes. They both need good structures that show how they will be realized in the real world, as a book, or as an application; and they both interest me a lot!

I love Studio Ghibli, Blizzard PC games, and solving complex problems (and eating pizzas while I am solving them). My student life at LaSalle College is simply awesome thanks to my roommates, two beautiful cats, and the INT team.

I am very happy with INT team as we are improving our problem-solving skills together and helping each other to reach the goals. INT showed me how to work in a professional environment with fantastic team members.

Do not be cynical - it doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen. (Conan O’Brien, January 2010, leaving ‘The Tonight Show’)