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Contact Info
Ahmed Felfel
Executive Member

Ahmed is engaged in communication, covering social media to help shape and innovate the image of INT.


Computer Science (DEC) - Programming



Spoken Languages:

English, French, and Arabic.

Favorite Hobbies:

Tennis, Music, and DiskJockey.

Favorite Programming Languages:

Javascript, C#.

About Me:

When I was 18 I arrived in Canada after graduation from my high school. Coming from a warm country I’m very sociable and like to meet new people all the time.

I’m a simple person I like to live my life day by day but I’m also very ambitious and like to achieve a lot of goals in my life, my hobbies are Culinary degustation, spinning records and playing tennis. Enjoying my hobbies is the fuel that keeps me going. Winter is not my forte as I’d rather mash some code while I’m chilling in a typical green Montreal park.

Catch me if you can is my favorite movie and Miles Davis is my favorite jazz musician.