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Contact Info
João Alberto Barcellos Ryff
Executive Member

With strong experience in innovation and event coordination, João lends his experience to INT in conducting training events for College Students, his interest in code makes him an important piece for INT.


Computer Science (DEC) – Administrative Data Processing Programming





Spoken Languages:

Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.


Favorite Programming Languages:

C#, Java, SQL,  HTML, CSS, Javascript, GO, PHP


Favorite Hobbies:

I`m a photography enthusiast and I like to spend time with my wife and my cat Mavis, study programming code and watch TV shows, documentaries, movies, YouTube videos, lives, etc. 


About Me:

My name is João, I was born in Brazil. I have a bachelor in Economic Science at IBMEC, which is a University in Brazil. After graduation, I worked for 9 years in a Brazilian federal health research institution. There, I worked with innovation, management of intellectual property, holding training events and financial management. I am currently focusing on gaining more experience in the IT area, where I have a passion for programming code.

“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” ― Tony Robbins