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Juliano Biscaino
Executive Member

A tech enthusiast highly drove by an entrepreneurial mindset, who constantly bringing innovative ideas from his experience and perspective to his INT partners.


Computer Science (DEC) - Programming



Spoken Languages:

Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.

Favorite Hobbies:

Faith, Family, Martial Arts, Coffee, Reading

Favorite Programming Languages:

Javascript, C#

About Me:

During my life journey, I have not only noticed my inclinations to solve things as a right-side brain thinker, but also impassioned by organizational and managerial processes and skillsets. Thus, working in the music industry, organizing events, dealing with business implementation and joining students associations, were all steps, and sometimes stumbling blocks, that have guided my professional path. These experiences have driven me to various opportunities that culminated in my degree and career in the Tourism field.
Now, after moving to Canada, I was given the opportunity to study again, complementing and enabling me to continue helping people and organizations with my distinctive set of skills: technical know-how, a good chat and a warm cup of coffee :) Currently studying programming I find myself truly inspired and excited for the upcoming steps in my career!