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2000 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest Room 6607

Bring INT On!


What is “Bring INT on!”?

Bring INT on is INT's first programming contest event!

How to participate?

Why participate?

To learn how to problem solve, build algorithms, apply important programming structures and gain experience, also compete for the top prizes. Interested? Register for places are limited!

*This event is reserved for LaSalle College Computer Science Students only!

*Please bring a valid photo id (College ID card).

Stage 1: Saturday, March 16th
Stage 2: March 17th to 29th
Stage 3: Saturday, March 30th

To register

*please note that Photo ID is Mandatory to enter LaSalle College during the events
*Only for students studying in College LaSalle


  • Click the above link
  • Provide Name, Email and other Details
  • Click on submit
  • you are done!


Bring INT on! Workshop Saturday March 16; 2019 10:00- 15:00
1 Introduce the Contest plan and rules
2 Server and Slack registration
3 C++ revisited
4 Time Complexity
P versus NP problem
Recursion - Divide and Conquer
Data Structures (List, Array, Stack, Queue, Tree, Graph)
Graph Theory
Greedy Algorithms
Dynamic Programming
5 Closure and preparation for the Slack training and final contest
*We hold right that some more advanced topics might not be covered
Bring INT on! Second step March 17th - 29th 2019
1 Online support and training Slack channel
2 Practice Problem Solving and algorithm tutorials!
Problem solving exercises Questions and Answers support
Bring INT on! Third step Saturday March 30th 2019 from 10h - 15h
1 Take the challenge and Get your INT on : Bring INT on!
Contest day Questions and Answers support