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Contact Info
Leandro Fortunato

Talented and passionate about technology. I'm meticulous, committed and a strong team player. I believe that science and technology are the key to make a better and clever world.


LaSalle College Montréal

DEC in Administrative Data

Processing 2018-2020


Universidade de Mogi Das Cruzes Brazil

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, 1995-2000

Validated by: WES-World

Education Services, Toronto, ON


Programming Skills

C++,C#, PL/SQL, Typestript, Javascript, PHP, HTM,CSS PHP


Other Skills: Back-end Development, Nodejs and PHP, Mongoose, SCRUM, Slack, GitHub, GitLab, and others

Frameworks Vuejs, Angular and Laravel(PHP)


Languages: Portuguese,  English, French and Spanish


Linkedin: leandro-fortunato-mba-900b8b10/

CodeWars and GitHub: LFortunatoC