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Reihaneh Sadeghi

Executive Member

With a great passion for new projects. I am a computer-software Engineering Bachelor degree holder from Iran.

Computer Science(DEC)- programming



Spoken languages:
Persian, English, French

Favorite Hobbies:
Watching movies, reading, Sudoku, walking, swimming.

Favorite Programming Languages:
PL/SQL, C#, Java

About Me:
My name is Reihaneh Sadeghi. I was born in Iran. I completed my Bachelor degree in Computer Software Engineering. I worked for a year for an industrial company in the IT department. I worked with the company‚Äôs own software based on Access.  I always have a great curiosity and interest in programming and Computer Science in general. 

 I really love to work on new projects. I have a problem-solving mindset, and solving issues is what gives me the most joy.

My goals in my professional and personal life are always to improve as a professional and as a human being. Always learning from my mistakes.